Published by Calendly - January 9, 2018

Get meetings scheduled in a snap with Calendly for Chrome

Impromptu scheduling made possible with our new browser extension.

We’ve made improvements to Calendly for Chrome! Check out the most recent update

Calendly strives to take the work out of scheduling so you can spend your time connecting with others. While Calendly’s events are great for non-urgent or routine meetings, sometimes you want to schedule ad hoc or override scheduled time slots. Calendly now makes that possible with a new browser extension for Google Chrome.

Install the extension from the Chrome web store

Access your Calendly links in your browser window

When you download the Calendly extension from the Chrome Web Store, you’ll have access to all your scheduling links from your browser toolbar so they’re accessible when using your favorite tools. Calendly admins can access any of their teammate’s links from the toolbar, to make scheduling for your team faster.

Create ad hoc meetings and embed specific times into Gmail

With Calendly for Chrome, you can offer special availability to an invitee by selecting and embedding suggested times in your email. This allows you to create one-time only ad hoc meeting invitations in Gmail with custom time slots for your invitee. Similar to your existing event types, all your invitee has to do is pick a time that works for them.

Override busy slots to offer more availability

Sometimes you may want to override your currently scheduled calendar events. Calendly for Chrome allows you to open up more availability by selecting from your calendar whichever time slots you’d like to offer, even if they’re “busy.”

Once you’ve sent out an ad hoc meeting invitation and an invitee has selected a time slot with you, that time slot is no longer available and the invitation expires. It is a private link to a one-time event with no recurring availability.

You can even manage your pending ad hoc invitations from the dropdown menu in your sidebar. View sent invitations that are pending or, when necessary, cancel invitations before an invitee books.

We think this is going to be a game changer for all the avid schedulers out there!


49 responses to “Get meetings scheduled in a snap with Calendly for Chrome”

  1. Mo Gorman says:

    The ad hoc meeting feature only works with Gmail correct?

  2. Erika Klotz says:

    Can you edit the event name on the embed times feature? I don’t see an option to change it from “Meeting with _______ at _______”
    Very interested in this new tool. So excited to see that you have introduced a Chrome extension!

  3. Whitney Ryan says:

    Great feature — thank you!! Does Calendly send out confirmation/reminder emails for ad hoc meetings?

    • Kevin Mendoza Aranda says:

      Yup, you can set that up in the settings section of your calendly meetings.

      • Calendly says:

        Hi –

        Yes, thanks for helping out here Kevin 🙂 He is correct, ad hoc meetings receive the same confirmation email as any other scheduled event. However, you are unable to set up customer reminders at this time. If your connected calendar is Google or O365, it will default to calendar invitation, and if the recipient accepts, it will use their default reminders.

        Hope this helps. Happy scheduling!

  4. Sales Team at BrokrBindr says:

    I have been creating and saving links that I send from my regular (non Gmail) email client, Thunderbird. There is a less-obvious button at the lower-right of the window.. It creates “a plain link” (not the pretty graphic that one sees in Gmail), but when the visitor/client clicks that link, it opens a browser tab with the pretty graphic showing only the slots I selected. Works great, and I am going to be using it often!

  5. This looks very useful…I often visit the webpage to grab a meeting link to throw into an email. This will speed that up considerably.

  6. Dana Petker says:

    I really like the Adhoc Meeting option that allows us to suggest times for our invitees. Is there any way we can customize the “Schedule Event” landing page they are directed to once they select a time from the options we gave them? And also customize the calendar invite email that gets sent to them?

    Ideally, it would be great if we could choose the event type we are “adhoc scheduling” and then it will follow the workflow we’ve set up for that event type. We have some team members that would prefer to give our customers suggested time options, rather than allow our customers to browse our calendars and choose a time themselves. This would solve that block for them.

  7. Brian Henderson says:

    Great update!

  8. Pranav Singh says:

    It would be great if I can edit availability from the chrome extension

  9. Calendly, this new set of features are fantastic. I’m a fan of the “priority” check box where you can overwrite existing meetings in a busy calendar. Any plans to have this work with Inbox by Gmail instead of just Gmail?

    • Calendly says:

      Hi Andrew –

      Glad to hear you are as excited as we are! We are looking in to expanding the ways in which you can use ad hoc meetings.

      Would you mind adding your request for ad hoc to work with Inbox by Gmail to our ideas portal?

      Our developers regularly use this for research on future feature updates and your input would be very helpful. Thanks!

  10. Albrecht Popken says:

    The ad hoc meeting is not useful in Germany because timeslots are only shown as “am” or “pm” time. Most people don’t know what this means and would be confused.

    • Calendly says:

      Hi Albrecht –

      Unfortunately ad hoc meetings do not have the option to be in shown in any format other than am/pm at this time. However, we know this is a very important feature and I will pass this feedback directly to our developers! Thank you for your input.

  11. Kate Murray says:

    This is AWESOME. Particularly being able to add right into Gmail…. I’m going to use this all the time! Thanks!

  12. kim says:

    Can calendly connect to iphone calendar so I can get messages on my phone about calls that are scheduled?

  13. Marco Diaz says:

    This is awesome. Will it be available for Outlook software on PC???

  14. robchogo says:

    Good product. Is there a risk of double-booking or of offering a time that doesn’t end up being available? For example, if I offer the same time to two different people, and the first person selects that time, will the second person still be able to book it? Will that person just get a dead link? Or will it somehow disappear from their options?

    • Calendly says:

      Hi –

      There is no risk of double-booking with this feature! If you do offer the same time to two people, once that time is booked by person 1 person 2 will not even see that as an available time anymore. As you said, it will disappear from their options.

      Hope this information helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      • robchogo says:

        Great! Is there a streamlined way to use this on mobile? Maybe through a keyboard application or something similar like what Outlook has?

  15. Kunal Sampat says:

    Wow! You guys have done remarkable work in the last two years. Congrats to you and entire Calendly team!

  16. Victoria Lenhardt says:

    Will you be adding the feature where the client can select the length of the appointment? My clients may need one hour, two, or three. I need an easy way for them to select the duration. Calendly doesn’t really work for me without that feature. Thanks.

    • Calendly says:

      Hi Victoria –

      We do not currently have that feature, however that is a good suggestion! I will pass this feedback directly to our developers and let you know if we do ever add it.

      Thank you!

    • Paige Walsh says:

      Might create 3 meetings with those options set for them and then they pick

  17. Emily H says:

    Related to overriding “busy” times, but unrelated to the plugin – in your actual Calendly dashboard, is there a way to allow people to RSVP to two different events for the same time slot while being tied to the same Google calendar?

    • Calendly says:

      Hi Emily –

      Currently you are unable to book two events for the same time slot because Calendly only connects to one one calendar and once a time slot has been filled it becomes unavailable.

      If you’d like to share your specific use case our team may be able to help you find a work around! Feel free to email and you should receive a quick response.

      Happy scheduling!

  18. Kent McKeaigg says:

    one vote for adding this to Airmail!

  19. Becky Eason says:

    I swear., Ad Hoc events are going to change my worklife! Thank you!

  20. Isabella says:

    I wish this could be used in German and with a 24 hours setting!

    • Calendly says:

      Hi Isabella,

      Unfortunately our integrations are not translated at this time, including the Calendly for Chrome extension. This means that even if your Account Settings page is set to German and 24 hour format, the Calendly for Chrome extension will not reflect these settings.

      This is something that our Product team is aware of and are looking into as they work to make improvements. 🙂

      Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll make sure to pass along to the team!

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