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How ZenProspect turned a one-person sales department into a team of trusted advisors

By Calendly - December 8, 2016

With “Zen” in the name of the all-in-one sales platform, it’s crucial that the team not only function at top…

The sales enablement mistakes you’re probably making — and how to fix them

By Calendly - December 1, 2016

Ensuring reps have the tools and collateral they need to close is hard — especially for leaders in high-growth companies, where the…

Salesforce integration

By Calendly - September 14, 2016

With Calendly's Salesforce integration, you can automatically create and/or update Salesforce records as meetings are scheduled through Calendly.

Zendesk’s Brian Reuter on building a high-performing sales team from scratch

By Calendly - September 8, 2016

How Zendesk’s Sr. Mgr. of Velocity Sales (North America) scaled his team and wrote the playbook that’s used across the…

How new sales reps can write cold emails that get replies, in 4 steps

By Calendly - August 25, 2016

Your batch-and-blast sales emails are turning off prospects. Get more replies with PersistIQ’s 4-step formula for effective cold email.

One small sales tweak → way more demos

By Calendly - August 11, 2016

How a small team boosted their monthly demos by 30% — without putting added pressure on their swamped sales reps.

Need to book more demos & appointments? Add these 3 tricks to your outreach process

By Calendly - February 19, 2015

These three tricks, which can be easily built into your own outreach process, will ensure that prospects feel respected and…

Close more deals, more quickly: add this element to your sales acceleration strategy

By Calendly - November 13, 2014

By employing Calendly as a sales acceleration tool, TrackVia has eliminated its long cupcake line; their sales cycle is shorter,…