Published by Calendly - June 8, 2016

A behind-the-scenes peek at how your Calendly works

In our unending quest to create an effortless experience, we’re excited to reveal a new, exclusive-to-Calendly feature: Availability Diagnostic Mode

We want your scheduling experience to be more than beautiful; we want it to be effortless. So in our unending quest to create that effortless experience, we’re excited to reveal a new, exclusive-to-Calendly feature.

We call it Availability Diagnostic Mode: a behind-the-scenes peek at how Calendly determines your available times. Your invitees will never see it, but you get a crystal-clear view of the rules Calendly uses to manage your schedule.

What is Availability Diagnostic Mode?

It’s a powerful new way for Calendly users to see which rules affect their availability. Just view your Calendly page, then turn Availability Diagnostic Mode “ON.”


You’ll then be able to see the rules that determine whether a time slot is open or unavailable:


Only Calendly gives you this crystal-clear view of the rules shaping your availability–and, therefore, this much control.

Ready to try Availability Diagnostic Mode on your Calendly page? Use this short guide to get started.

If you have questions, or if your availability’s still stumping you, drop us a note at

7 responses to “A behind-the-scenes peek at how your Calendly works”

  1. Joseph Jenkinson says:

    This is a neat feature. To take it to the next level it would be nice to be able to give the admin the ability to force a scheduled meeting into a time even if it shows busy with this new information. Sometimes a buffer could be 15 minutes too long and this forces us to skip using calendly’s functionality and just schedule it manually.

  2. Tom Sopwith says:

    I just used this yesterday, even before the promo email. I LOVE it for my team scheduling. Great feature.

  3. Bob Glover says:

    While transparency is always a win, how is a simple function like “reoccurring meeting” not an option out of the gate?

  4. Josh Shipp says:

    My #1 challenge is this:
    ALL DAY events in Gcal, are set by default, as AVAILABLE.

    Does this update help me tell Calendly that I should NOT be available when I have ALL DAY events scheduled?

    Thank you kindly!

  5. Nathan Tabor says:

    The link to the short guide doesn’t work. “Ready to try Availability Diagnostic Mode on your Calendly page? Use this short guide to get started.” –

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