Published by Calendly - May 16, 2018

Make connecting with students easier with fully automated scheduling

Avoid the hassle of scheduling details with unlimited scheduling pages, text reminders and more.

Education Scheduling Solution

Manually coordinating the details to schedule advisement sessions, campus tours or any other meeting is the last thing you should be worrying about. You have so many other responsibilities that need your full attention. Put 100% of your scheduling on autopilot with Calendly’s Premium features—making sure you can balance a full schedule and meet your goals.

For professors

As a professor, you have a lot on your plate. Between department meetings, student advisement sessions and office hours, you barely have time left to grade papers and prepare for class. With Calendly it doesn’t have to be that way!

  • Eliminate the back and forth: customize different scheduling pages for office hours, tutoring appointments, group sessions and any other meetings so students can book the right meeting on their own. Watch our video guide on customizing your event types and availability!
  • Know before you go: collect information from your students when they schedule so you can know exactly what they need and be ready to help with minimal prep time. Follow this guide to add custom questions to your scheduling pages.

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Calendly values the work of educators—enjoy 25% off our annual plans!

For admissions 

Meet your admissions goals while providing prospective students the best application experience possible with Calendly—you should always be their top choice!

  • Speed up the admissions cycle: skip coordinating schedules between reps and students and set up an interview in just a few clicks to keep your process moving forward. Learn how to automate multiple steps of the cycle to meet your goals.
  • Schedule campus tours with ease: allow applicants to schedule a campus tour right away. Make it easy for your tour guides to access attendee information and set a limit for the number of prospective students who can attend each tour with our group event type. Check out these tips to get set up!

For department heads  

As a department head you have a multitude of responsibilities to oversee, all while taking care of your own too. Provide one central place for your professors or students to schedule meetings related to your department, enable your professors to be productive and more with Calendly!

  • Department-wide scheduling pages: provide one central place for your professors or students to schedule meetings related to your department. Follow this guide to set up a department scheduling page of your own.
  • Make tutoring and mentoring accessible to all students: assign students to tutors round robin or form group study sessions. Allow students to schedule with the mentor that best meets their availability and interests. Follow this guide to learn how to set this up for your department!

Upgrade Now

Calendly values the work of educators—enjoy 25% off our annual plans!

2 responses to “Make connecting with students easier with fully automated scheduling”

  1. ptho1610 says:

    I wish there was a “light” educator version. I don’t need all of the features of the $8 month plan, even with the educational discount to $6 month. Sorry, but I’m not going to pay that much for features I would never use. I do appreciate the free plan, which helps me schedule office hours with one event type. Most of the time, that’s all I need.

    • Calendly says:

      Thank you for this feedback. We appreciate it and will pass it along to our team! I am sorry we do not have exactly what you need right now but am glad to hear you are finding success with the free plan.

      Happy scheduling!

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