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Add a scheduling form to your website to increase conversions instantly

Calendly offers multiple embed customization options to fit your unique brand

Embed Calendly on your website

When you have high-intent traffic on your website, adding a scheduling form is a crucial way to convert them to important meetings like demos. Connect with your website visitors at the height of their interest by adding Calendly to your site. You can customize the look and feel of Calendly to match your brand and you’ll see big returns right away.

How to add Calendly to your website

There are three easy ways to embed Calendly on your website.

Calendly can be added to any website, landing page or CMS like WordPress, Leadpages, Wix, Squarespace and many more. Choose from three different ways to add to your site: embed right on the page or launch Calendly in a pop-up by adding a button or text link.

1. Inline embed

Calendly appears seamlessly within the body of your site.

2. Pop-up widget

A button hovers in the corner of your site, and when clicked, opens Calendly in a pop-up window. You can customize the colors and the CTA.

3. Pop-up text

Add your preferred text to the body of a page, which opens Calendly in a pop-up window when clicked.

Users on the Pro plan can customize the colors and look of the embed experience. Make it your own by setting the background, text and button colors to match your brand’s style. Hide scheduling details from your Calendly event when using the inline embed option for a truly seamless design. 

We’ve improved your editing options so you can set your colors and style in just a few clicks. To start scheduling on your site, simply copy and paste the code snippet to any web page.

There are also developer options for brands that require more control—pre-fill questions, set UTM parameters or notify the parent window.

Upfluence customized their scheduling flow to reflect their light and bright brand colors.
You can customize the colors to any brand aesthetic. Go for high contrast or something more subtle. You choose.

How Calendly users are converting visitors to meetings

Embedding the scheduling experience right on your website enables you to connect with your visitors at the height of their interest, whether they are leads, customers, candidates, students or others. We see our customers achieve big wins like doubling their number of demos, just by adding Calendly to a high-traffic page.

Virtru’s sales team uses Calendly to keep up with a high volume of leads that come through the website. Once a prospect clicks on the “Request a demo” CTA and signs up, they are directed to a “Thank you” page that gives them the opportunity to schedule immediately. The result? Virtru doubled their demos—from 30% to 61%—within the first month of using Calendly.

If you want to increase your website conversions, use our quick guides to get started or go to your dashboard and select an event type to embed to  start customizing Calendly now.

For more on user access and team scheduling plans, visit our Calendly pricing page.

18 responses to “Add a scheduling form to your website to increase conversions instantly”

  1. Marcelo says:

    Color customization is a nice feature, but I won’t migrate from Premium to Pro just for this. It would be nice to release to the Premium plan as well.

  2. Brett Jones says:

    I agree with Marcelo. I also won’t upgrade for this because the price jump is too high to justify the cost. Same with SMS reminders.

  3. Wilfrid says:

    Génial ! JE vais pouvoir ajouter cette fonctionnalité à ma vidéo :

  4. King Benjy says:

    Where are weekly calendar views?

    • Tim @ Calendly says:

      Hi King,

      Happy to clarify here. The weekly calendar view is part of our older design. We’ve since moved to the monthly view which allows your invitees to pick from a greater variety of days and times without the back-and-forth. That way, you and your invitees can schedule meetings more seamlessly.

      Tim DaGraca
      Senior Product Specialist
      The Calendly Team

  5. Dylan Anderson says:

    Are there any plans to be able to start from a team page, rather than an event-type page? My team has a number of different event types customers can choose from, and I can’t embed each event type.

    • Tim @ Calendly says:

      Hi Dylan,

      Thanks for posting. Because you can have multiple team pages in an organization, it’s best to start on the Event Types tab of the “All Teams” scope so that you can navigate to each team page and work with it. Also, you are able to embed each event type. Just click the settings gear of that event and “Add to Website.” The code generated will be one that’s specific to the event (and not the team page.)

      Tim DaGraca
      Senior Product Specialist
      The Calendly Team

  6. Stephen Lehtonen says:

    Can Calendly pull all team members calendars and only show open slots? In other words, if everyone is booked at a time, it would show as unavailable…

    • Rami Efal says:

      That will be terrific – an embedded alternative to a group doodle poll.

    • Kimra Luna says:

      You can create a Google calendar that syncs up everyone’s calendars, then add that into your “calendars connections” on Calendly. That’s how my team does it.

    • Tim @ Calendly says:

      Hi Stephen,

      Yes, this is exactly how Calendly works with our team Round Robin event. For example, if a sales team has 5 Sales Development Reps all available at 2:00pm for a Discovery Call and 5 leads decided to book this same time, then all 5 reps would be booked (one with each lead) and the 2:00pm time slot would show as unavailable.

      Tim DaGraca
      Senior Product Specialist
      The Calendly Team

  7. Bouge Petit says:

    We have an issue when embedding inline. We use the parameter “hide_event_type_details”, however it works only on the calendar. Once the user clicks a date and time and confirms, the form displays the event details. Appropriate behavior should be to remove it on the next side of the form as well.

    • Tim @ Calendly says:

      Hi Bouge Petit,

      Thank you for adding this as an idea to our portal. For anyone else who’s interested in this topic, please feel free to upvote the post, here, so that it can gain traction and hopefully make its way to a future release of Calendly.

      Tim DaGraca
      Senior Product Specialist
      The Calendly Team

  8. Xavier Dumont says:

    Hi, any plan about API invitee creation callback / metadata to integrate Calendly in a marketplace contact workflow ?

    • Tim @ Calendly says:

      Hi Xavier,

      We are working on V2 of our API which is in BETA. You can view it here. At this time, i do not have concrete data about invitee creation callbacks; but, please feel free to check the developer site for updates.

      Tim DaGraca
      Senior Product Specialist
      The Calendly Team

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