Published by Calendly - March 22, 2018

HoneyBook delivers an all-in-one business management solution to its members

Integrating a client-winning scheduling experience into its app.

HoneyBook, a leading all-in-one software for creative professionals, always keeps the needs of its members top of mind. After gathering feedback from members, comprised of photographers, designers, florists, business coaches and more, HoneyBook found that a significant amount of them were wasting valuable time going back and forth to schedule meetings and consultations.

Once top member needs are identified, HoneyBook works hard to deliver solutions—they don’t want to delay and take months to build a feature that will solve core business goals for members. Instead, the team leverages strategic partnerships with companies that have proven success in solving a need that would be inefficient for HoneyBook to build from scratch.

Many members identified Calendly as their current scheduling tool of choice, further prompting the HoneyBook team to build an integration using Calendly’s API. Now members can offer the opportunity to book a session immediately, without the need to check their calendar—and all corresponding communication about meetings are stored in HoneyBook automatically.

Helping creative entrepreneurs find the greatest success in booking clients quickly, easily and professionally

HoneyBook members are seeing big gains from the Calendly integration, both in peace of mind and ease of scheduling. Established businesses love that they can book clients or projects immediately and newer businesses are able to start strong, getting a jump start on building a professional brand.

Most members now book clients faster because they’ve eliminated the extra back and forth spent scheduling, allowing them to focus on the top goals that matter most to their business—client acquisition, satisfaction and retention.

“Within the first week, hundreds of members were already using Calendly with HoneyBook. The integration allowed them to be more responsive and look more professional. Their clients love the ease in which they are able to schedule a meeting and then finalize a booking, all electronically and seamlessly.” – Asha Bhatia, Product Manager, HoneyBook

Removing low-impact work for an optimal customer experience

Prior to HoneyBook, some members created their own ad hoc processes with a variety of tools, leading to a siloed workflow with time spent on less important activities instead of those that directly impact their business’ bottom line.

HoneyBook aims to eliminate that headache by delivering an all-in-one solution for its members. If there are aspects of a process that are working for members, HoneyBook wants to fit within those workflows. The Calendly integration aligns with this goal—now members can remove extra steps and schedule with clients right from HoneyBook, the home of their creative business.

Ready for a truly all-in-one business platform? Explore Calendly + HoneyBook today!

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