Published by Calendly - November 28, 2017

Using HoneyBook + Calendly to acquire and retain clients

HoneyBook members can now streamline scheduling and enhance the client experience.

HoneyBook, a leading all-in-one software for creatives, leveraged Calendly’s API to help members take the work out of connecting with others. Every creative professional needs to acquire and retain clients—using Calendly to schedule meetings makes it easier to meet those important business goals.

With HoneyBook + Calendly, members can offer availability through Calendly in a HoneyBook email and all corresponding communication and meetings will be stored in HoneyBook automatically.

When it comes to building a new client base, using HoneyBook with Calendly helps creatives to schedule with potential clients at the height of their interest and reduce drop-off by avoiding back-and-forth email tag.

We know maintaining a positive experience for existing clients is crucial for improved retention rates and the overall health of a business. HoneyBook + Calendly make it easier to connect with clients during key phases in the customer lifecycle to build lasting relationships.

Here are a few pro tips for using Calendly with Honeybook:

  1. Add your Calendly link to HoneyBook email templates, allowing you to save time and create reusable content to distribute to clients.
  2. Send an email with your Calendly link automatically after someone fills your contact form through a HoneyBook workflow to meet with clients quicker and minimize drop-off.
  3. Add your Calendly link to an email outside of HoneyBook, whether in other emails, SMS or any other communication, to give your clients access to schedule a time with you without the back and forth.

HoneyBook members: Get started today!

Visit our developer page to learn more about building an integration with Calendly for your app.

2 responses to “Using HoneyBook + Calendly to acquire and retain clients”

  1. Kait Masters says:

    I’m a HoneyBook and Calendly user (a painter, I do schedule consultation calls for custom work if its an involved project), and I’m so excited for this! YAY streamlining!!

  2. Alexa Fuhrman-Sherman says:

    This is an absolute game changer! These two programs together not only streamline the process for creatives but also gives us time back to spend how we want to in the first place: Being. Creative. Here is a 50% off code for anyone interested in purchasing!

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