Published by Calendly - April 5, 2018

Hygge Coworking optimizes ROI with automated scheduling + payment collection

Allowing them to rent space and eliminate no-shows effortlessly.

“I stand by making things easy and simple to let people get where they need to go.”

For business owner Garrett Tichy, simplicity and ease are top of mind when thinking about his own company and the tools he uses to run it. He operates Hygge, a coworking space and podcast studio that makes renting workspace easy. Its mission is to provide a supportive and effortless work environment so that coworkers can focus on building community.

They’re basically the physical equivalent of Calendly—taking the difficulty out of work so people can form connections. So when Garrett sought out a simple solution for renting out his podcast studio, Hygge’s lowest cost service, Calendly was a natural choice.

Getting maximum ROI from Hygge’s lowest cost service

Hygge’s coworking space is booked on a membership basis. And by nature of consistency, its members don’t really need a scheduling solution. They can come into their “home office” whenever they want as long as they’ve paid their membership fee. But Garrett did need a way to schedule recording sessions for his podcast studio.

The studio is a great asset to Hygge. Sessions are low cost, which means it’s easy to get people to sign up for time slots, but not worth chasing down their payment. Without Calendly, Garrett had to manually schedule each 1–3 hour recording session and then invoice each client, wait for payment, send reminders and receipts. If he successfully collected the payment, he then had to enter the payment information into his bookkeeping software.This was entirely too tedious and time-consuming to collect such a small fee. The investment far outweighed the gains. Garrett needed to automate his process and Calendly’s self-service scheduling model resolved this pain.

Integrating payment collection to eliminate no-shows

Hygge implemented Calendly so that anyone wanting to book a recording session can choose a 1, 2 or 3-hour session through its website. The site design is smart and intuitive, offering different landing pages for first-time and repeat users.

The landing page for first-time users explains the details of the session rental, offering “need to know” answers to FAQs. Whereas the page for returning users has copy aligned to repeat customers that acknowledges their level of familiarity and only tells them the latest changes they need to know. Hygge used this method to communicate a payment update when they switched to collecting payment at the time of booking instead of invoicing.

Each landing page and session length links to the subsequent scheduling page where the client selects from available times, entering just a few details to book.

With its Stripe account integrated, Hygge can now collect payment up front, when the podcaster books. All confirmations and receipts are sent automatically and the record is saved in the bookkeeping flow without Garrett or his team clicking a single button.

Since using Calendly, Hygge has never had a no-show. Furthermore, now Garrett doesn’t have to chase down podcasters to secure their payment. Every recording session is attended and every attendee pays. Could it be any simpler?

“Calendly created a viable solution for my studio.”

Personalizing the customer experience

Because Hygge uses a unique Calendly event for its first-time users, these new customers get a customized email automatically sent to confirm their scheduled session and provide all pertinent information. Return users get only the information they need, so it’s personalized.

Garrett also has private links that he sends out at his discretion, like when there’s a marketing opportunity to provide free or discounted sessions to a group.

In all cases, whether embedding Calendly on Hygge’s site, emailing out an event or providing access to an event through a private landing page, Calendly’s link-based scheduling platform allows complete control over customization and access. Each audience gets email reminders tailored to their specific information needs and event details. And regardless of how many event links are shared, the studio will never get double-booked, keeping podcasters happy and turning new customers into continual customers.

Working smarter with automation and integration

Hygge leverages Calendly’s integration with Zapier to automate even more of its workflow.

When a podcasting session is booked, a message is sent to a designated channel in Slack. This not only provides immediate notification—it also keeps emails that don’t need responses out of Garrett’s inbox.

A new booking is “zapped” to Hygge’s CRM, Agile, where new customers are logged and returning customers’ records are updated. A task is also created in Asana with the session’s information so that the team can effectively prepare for upcoming rentals.

By taking the work out of scheduling, Hygge optimized the ROI on its podcast studio, averaging over a hundred hours of podcast sessions each month. Now Hygge is providing value to its customers, keeping the studio booked and getting paid without any work from the team. Through automated scheduling and payment integration, Hygge is generating passive income and distinguishing themselves as a top podcasting studio and coworking space.

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