Published by Calendly - August 28, 2018

Improved team management with new search and sort capabilities

Easily sort and filter to find the data that matters most.

Hire the right people, faster

We are excited to share new team management updates with you! Calendly is great for team scheduling because it supports event types like round robin and collective, gives you the option to display team-wide availability, allows for easy user onboarding and saves countless hours every day.

Now it is even better with our newly released admin sorting and filtering capabilities. You can quickly look up when you added someone new to Calendly, keep an eye on any pending invitations, search for a user by name and sort through your user data with one click—putting the most important data right at your fingertips.

What’s new?

1. Users page tabs  

Instead of sorting through your email history to see when you invited new people to your Calendly and when they accepted your invitation, you can now quickly access all of that information from three new tabs on your Users page in your Calendly account: Active, Pending and Templates.

  • Active: All users that have accepted an invitation to join your organization can be found under the “Active” tab.
  • Pending: All pending invitations can be found under the “Pending” tab.
  • Templates: Event Type Templates will now be accessible from the Templates tab.

As an Owner or Admin, you can assign customized event types to your users’ accounts. Event type templates are predefined settings for the event types that can be assigned to new or existing users. Default templates are provided to get you started.

2. Search bar

You no longer have to manually scroll through a long list of all your users. Looking for someone specific? Just type their name, email address, role or slug in the search bar and find them right away!

3. Sort by Date Added and Date Invited

Use the new Date Added column under the Active Users tab to keep track of when a user was added to your organization to find how many users were added within a certain time frame or follow up with users to make sure they’re all set up.

Wondering how long it has been since you sent out an invitation to someone who still hasn’t accepted? You can now find the email address that was invited and the date the invitation was sent in the Date Invited column under the Pending tab.

Ready to start using these new features to manage your team? Head to your Users page to get started.

Saving you time and making your life easier are our top priorities. With these new features, we hope managing your team will be easier than ever before. If you have been thinking about growing your team, there is no better time than now!

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