Published by Calendly - February 13, 2019

Add a preview of your availability directly to any email

Calendly’s newest Chrome feature lets you choose the best way to find a time to meet.

Email Availability Embed

When you share your Calendly link by email, scheduling is simple for you and your invitee. Today, we’re releasing a new way to share your availability by email, using our Calendly Chrome extension. The new option to add times to your email allows you to display specific available times right in the body of an email in any mail client so your invitee can select a time right from the email.

Check out this video to see how this new feature works!

More choice when sharing your availability with the Chrome extension

Sending a scheduling link is perfect for automated emails, in email signature lines and for sharing with more than one person at a time. And when you email your scheduling page link, your invitee can choose the kind of meeting or duration that they prefer. Our newest sharing feature in the Calendly Chrome extension is ideal for situations where you want to select and present specific days and times to your invitee.

When you ask an important prospect or customer to meet or agree to send someone your available times, your goal is to make scheduling easy for both of you and make sure the meeting happens. Now, you can suggest up to nine times in an email on any platform that your invitee may select from. If those preview times don’t work for them, they can still follow your Calendly link and find another time that works best.

Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails and hello to more choice around sharing your availability, making it even easier to get more of the meetings that matter.

If you haven’t downloaded the extension yet, get started today—setup takes just a few minutes and it’s completely free. If you’re curious about other Calendly for Chrome features, learn more here

  • mikemancuso1

    I love the update. Is a similar extension on the roadmap for Mac Outlook users?

    • Calendly

      Hey Mike! We are investigating ways in which we can provide similar functionality for Outlook users so we appreciate the feedback on this front!

  • Lukas Cypra

    Hi, nice 🙂 Loved this feature in Sunrise in the past … But, how does it work if any of the times become unavailable before the invitee responds? Is the text in the e-mail somehow embedded and able to update itself?

    • Calendly

      Hey Lukas! When an invitee clicks the specific time and tries to book a time that has become unavailable, the invitee will be notified that the time is unavailable so that they can book another time!

  • David G Marmon II

    Any way to do this on a desktop application? We don’t use browsers as email clients.

    • It just copies the info to your clipboard. You can then paste it into a message in your client.

      • David G Marmon II

        Ooh sweet!

        • Calendly

          What David Rodriguez, said! Thanks for answering that one! 😉

  • David Hammond

    What happens if I sent out the times in that email and then someone else books another time? Will it then say “Time no longer available” or would it automatically take that time slot out of the email (which I highly doubt it could/would do that)?

    I think this update is cool for some people, but I would probably not use it because I like the idea of them having full control of picking the dates/time. It would be awesome to actually embed the live calendly into the email, but I would imagine that being quite complex or impossible.

    • Calendly

      Hey David! When an invitee clicks the specific time and tries to book a time that has become unavailable, the invitee will be notified that the time is unavailable so that they can book another time!

      In addition, at the bottom of the embed, the invitee as an option to see the full list of times!

  • sheerah

    This is amazing, thanks so much!

    Do recipients see the proposed times in their own time zones?

    • Calendly

      Hey Sheerah! As you embed the times, you can choose which time zone to display the times in, and when the invitee selects a time, they will be able to change the time zone to ensure they are booking the right time slot!

  • Hello,

    Is there any option to customize the language that appears when you paste the information?

    • Alex Bulla

      No, but the text is completely editable 😀 You can edit it to match your language

      • Thanks for the clarification Alex 🙂

        The idea was not to have to translate the text every time I copy it.
        It would not be productive.

        It would be great if the text was copied depending on the language you have set up in your calendly account.

        It would be the next step to bring this great update to another level of productivity 🙂

        In any case, Congratulations for the work!

    • Calendly

      Hey there, thanks for the feedback as I think this is a great idea! We’ll put this in front of our product team, but if there’s anything else we can help with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support here. Thanks!

  • Nice update

  • Dennis Brown

    Does this work on microsoft outlook desktop and/or web?

    • Calendly

      Hey Dennis! You can certainly use the extension to copy the embeddable times to your clipboard and then paste that information in to your email on either platform!

  • Henry Mittelman

    Will this work if I use Mac Mail on my desktop? If so, how do I bring over the times to my email?

    • Nick Tubach

      Excellent question, Henry! Would make life much easier and seamless, especially for my clients trying to schedule a session with me.

    • Rob

      Ditto. Thanks Henry. I don’t use browser-based email. Only Mac Mail. Would love an extension feature for client-based mail.

    • David Curiel

      Or Airmail, but that might be asking too much!!! 🙂

      • Leo Lipp

        yes… would love that too

      • AlishaR

        See Calendly Post above – I was able to create using the Chrome extension, then copy it to my clipboard and paste into both Mail and Airmail without issues.

        • David Curiel

          thx for the heads-up!

    • Inexpensive Lawyer

      no, it says chrome.

    • Leo Lipp

      That would be a killer feature!!!

    • Calendly

      Hey all! You can certainly use the extension to copy the embeddable times to your clipboard and then paste that information in to your email on any platform!

      • AlishaR

        Just tried it with Mail (on my Mac) and it worked perfectly. I created the list of preferred days, then clicked Finish and Share and it copied it to my clipboard. Just pasted into the email with no issues.

      • David Curiel

        cool! thx.

  • Joe Macon

    i need it

  • CoachCarey

    which time zone do the available appointments APPEAR in to the recipient?

    • Mike Wilday

      Good question! Yes, please tell!

    • Calendly

      Hi there, When you go to embed times from your event types into an email, you can select the time zone you want your availability to be displayed in! Once you send your email, your invitee be able to change the time zone to convert your availability to their local time. This is the case for all event types except those that have a locked time zone, a setting located within each of your event type settings in your account.

  • Mike Wilday

    Now if we could use this same feature to paste a calendar choice option into Google Chat or Google Hangouts… I’d be set for life.

    • Calendly

      Hi Mike, While you cannot embed times into a Gchat or a Google Hangout at this time, you can still use the extension to have easy access to your links to share! If you haven’t already, we would love for you to add this request to our idea portal and share your use case. Our product team monitors all activity there on a daily basis to see the trends and learn how we can make Calendly an even more powerful tool for your scheduling needs!

  • Saver Bae

    Seems like a good improvement

  • Are you planning a Firefox extension? I prefer not to use Chrome for privacy reasons (Gmail is a necessary evil, but there’s no reason to give them browsing information, too).

    • Calendly

      Hey Allen! Our team is looking into additional options for extensions, so we will pass along your interest specifically in Firefox! If there’s anything else we can help with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support here. Thanks!

  • Alison

    Looks great. Thank you Calendly:)

    • Calendly

      Glad you like it!

  • Kate Juniper Vandergugten

    Can we use this from Go for GMail, the desktop app? If so, how so?! Thanks!

  • sxhm

    The formatting breaks when I paste to my web gmail client. Any thoughts?

    • Calendly

      Hi there!

      If you are noticing a formatting issue when you paste your availability preview into your Gmail message, I would recommend clearing your browser cache, open a new Gmail message and try pasting a new availability preview in that message. If you are still seeing formatting issues, please reach out to our support team here so that they can take a closer look! Please be sure to include a screenshot of the format when you paste the times in your Gmail message.

  • Jason Bergman

    How can I choose different times? Everytime you automatically choose the earliest times I have available and I’d love to edit times to offer

    • Calendly

      Hi Jason –

      While there isn’t currently an option to edit the embedded times, could you write in to our team here? We’d love to hear more about your use case!

      • Ron Brien

        HI Calendly, I second Jason Bergman’s request for ability to change times. For example, perhaps you want to offer a client flexibility – day 1: morning times, day 2: mid-day times, day 3: late afternoon times. My calendly only offers morning currently.

        • Calendly

          Hi Ron,

          If using Calendly for Chrome, you are able to pick times in the manner you’ve suggested. For example, you can embed times into your email that are in the morning, mid-afternoon, and late-afternoon of day 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

          If you are sharing your Calendly link and invitees only see morning times, then our suggestion would be to clone the event & edit its availability to offer times that are specific to those dates.

          If you still need further assistance, then please write into our team here, so that we can dive in further!

  • Community

    This is very customer focused feature which will save invitees time in deciding. I wanted to ask one thing, can we have same thing in monthly calendar view? Currently, there are 3 clicks to fix time (1. Select Date 2. Select Time 3. Confirm) and this is too much for invitee. If we can directly show date and time together and let invitee decide.
    This will work only few slots are there in a month and in case of lot of slots, this view will not suffice.
    Can we provide this option if slots are less, then show time and date together and if there are more slots, then show current view?

    • Calendly

      Hi there,

      Thanks for the feedback and feature suggestion!

      While we don’t have a target date on if or when something like this would be released, we’d love for you to add your feature suggestion here to our Idea Portal. That way, other users’ can follow, upvote, and comment on your idea, ultimately helping it make its way to a future release of Calendly.

      Our Product team also monitors this page daily; so; posting there is a direct way to get in touch with them and have your voice heard in another way!

  • James

    If you send out the availability to multiple clients, will it automatically update as your schedule changes/books up? Or will the initial open blocks that you sent out continue to appear as available in the body of the message? Essentially, any risk of double booking?