Published by Calendly - November 18, 2018

Introducing our new Zoom integration

Automatically add Zoom video conference details to any Calendly meeting.

Automatically add Zoom video conference details to any Calendly meeting.

Scheduling meetings and coordinating the details between all of the tools in your tech stack is hard enough as is! That’s why we want to help simplify things with our new Zoom integration. With this new integration you will be able to :

  • Automatically generate unique Zoom video conference details for every meeting you schedule
  • Eliminate the need to set up and remember video conferencing details for all your meetings
  • Have meeting details update in real time when rescheduling or canceling

How it works

To get started, all you need to do is connect your Zoom account with Calendly—it’s one easy step! Then, choose Zoom as the location for any of your event types to have a dynamic video conference link generated for each meeting. Invitees will receive instant access to the details in calendar invitations and meeting reminders after scheduling with you. For your access, the unique link will appear within the event details on your Calendly dashboard and under My Meetings in Zoom.

Tool tip: Zoom users can offer invitees a dial-in number in addition to the web conferencing link for each event scheduled. For international numbers, you can select multiple countries to include in your Zoom account settings and a link will be displayed in the invitee notification leading to their dial-in options.

To start saving time by automatically adding Zoom video conference details to your Calendly meetings, set your integration up today.

Add Zoom now!

If you’re not using Zoom, you can still add your video conference details to your Calendly meetings. We have a direct GoToMeeting integration or you can always add your static web conferencing link or dial-in number to the location field.

26 responses to “Introducing our new Zoom integration”

  1. Keith Ferrin says:

    This is outstanding! Is there a way to integrate a Zoom meeting link into the “Ad hoc” meetings created with the Outlook Plugin?

  2. Ryan Furtner says:

    I have been paying for premium zoom JUST for zapier integration with calendly. You just saved me $21 a month 😀

  3. Jaka Mele says:

    Wish google hangouts/meet would also work out of the box… Works better for me and requires no installation for customers…

  4. Main Street Law Office says:

    I like the integration, but I DO NOT WANT UNIQUE LINKS for each conference. Why can’t we just use our Zoom static address???

  5. Sean Pritzkau says:

    Will this feature be added to the Chrome plugin for ad hoc meetings?

  6. Bobby says:

    Hii! So RingCentral, a softphone, has a white-labeled Zoom called “RingCentral Meetings”. Is there any way to get this integration to work there?

  7. Mohammed Esufali says:


  8. Craig Pretzinger says:

    Does this generate a multi user meeting if you allow multiple attendees at the same time? This was a limitation in the past.

  9. Hey I just heard that a friend, Brent Chudoba, joined you as Head of Business Operations. It reminded me to let you know that our SF-based company Dossier ( is a very happy customer of Calendly. Thank you for adding the Zoom integration – it has made our onboarding of users very efficient. We would be happy to be a reference or case study – email me at, if you like.

  10. Don says:

    Maybe I’m missing something… is there a way to integrate the unique Zoom Meeting link in the reminder notice if I customize the reminder?

    • Calendly says:

      Hi Don – the Zoom meeting link is automatically added to meeting reminders. When you go in to customize the reminder, this is notated by {{location}}. As long as you don’t delete that, the meeting link will be included!

  11. P-Ride says:

    Shame that Zoom offer even fewer branding tools than Calendly… and that’s saying something!

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