Published by Calendly - May 15, 2018

Make the most of your limited time

Spend less time on avoidable admin work and more time growing your business.

Make the most of your limited time

As a small team, every minute counts. You need to focus your energy on the high impact things that only you can do. A good first step? Offload as much admin work as possible. With Calendly Premium, you can make scheduling easier for yourself and your clients, opening you up to spend more time building relationships and moving your business forward.

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No more back-and-forth

With Calendly, there’s no reason to send multiple emails to find a time to meet. If you host more than one type of meeting, follow this guide to set up multiple scheduling pages. With these, you can offer each client a Calendly link tailored to their needs.

No more manual reminders

Calendly can help you ensure everyone is on time and prepared for your meetings. Watch this video guide to learn how to set up and send friendly, automated reminders to invitees to keep your meeting top of mind. Automatically add information like web conferencing details, location or materials to review so that every meeting starts off on the right foot!

No more chasing payments

You can collect payment before you meet with a client — check out these guides to see how, using Stripe and PayPal! Automating payments will open you up to focus on giving your clients the attention they deserve.

No more surprises

Collect information from your invitees by adding custom questions to your scheduling page (read this guide to learn how!) Find out exactly what they’d like to cover before the meeting begins so you can arrive prepared. Their responses will conveniently be located in your calendar so they’re available right when you need them.

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