Published by Calendly - February 13, 2019

Introducing Calendly’s new invitee scheduling experience

Now your invitees can see your availability in a single calendar view, to quickly find the time that works best.

New scheduling flow UI

With over 2 million users (and growing!), we know Calendly makes it simpler for millions of people to find a time to meet. And, we know Calendly’s scheduling experience is a key part of your customer’s journey. We’re committed to making finding a time to meet as easy as possible for you and the people you’re inviting.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new scheduling page design, that’s making it even simpler for your invitees to successfully set up a time with you.

Our new calendar page maintains what our users told us they love—a simple scheduling experience that anyone can use—and has redesigned the look to give invitees a view of your monthly and daily availability on the same screen. Now, instead of the circles, days are displayed in a familiar month view. We’ve also consolidated steps so that choosing a day and time happens on the same page. This makes it easy to find the right time to meet, meaning less time spent scheduling and happier invitees.

Listening to our users to deliver the best invitee experience

We know we’re only as successful as our users. To create this new scheduling page, our Product team started by listening to you, our customers. We read feedback and spoke with current users to collect your ideas. When considering customer feedback, our Product team is always looking to hear both your thoughts and the “why” behind it. We loved your observation that our scheduling experience could be made even simpler, and we loved that you wanted the scheduling process to be as delightful as possible for your invitees.

Armed with your feedback, our designers, product managers and engineers went to work bringing it to life. Our Head of UX, Felix Hu, captured it best when he said, “My favorite part about this is the collaboration. We’re collaborating externally with our customers and internally with designers, product managers and engineers, so that we can deliver something new and valuable to our users.”

Our team decided to keep the stylistic changes limited. The scheduling flow is largely unchanged, but your invitees now see a full month view, instead of a 7-day “circle view.” We heard enthusiastic feedback in our research and in beta-testing. Invitees love that they can schedule a time to meet in fewer clicks, and our Calendly users told us they’re thrilled to be able to offer clients an even easier way to set up a meeting.

“The simple interface and the fact that all the information’s displayed at one time makes it really helpful.” – Beta User

Now, we’ve started rolling this out across all of Calendly so that everyone can benefit! Expect to see your updated scheduling page over the next few weeks, if you haven’t already.

Curious about what else we heard from you and where we’re planning to go next? With millions of meetings scheduled every year through Calendly, we’ve seen that there are countless ways to schedule successfully. This refresh to your scheduling page is the first step in some exciting changes that will give you even more choice around how and where your guests select a time to meet with you.

Want to share your own product feedback? Reach out to our team at Make sure to tell us what you’d love and why you need it.

  • when does this happen? will it work seamlessly in embeds?

    • Calendly

      Hi Dana! Hope you’re doing well (and thanks for reading the blog!). The new scheduling pages are rolling out gradually to our users over the next few weeks – expect to see these changes on your page by the end of the month, if you aren’t already. And yes, this will all work seamlessly in your embeds. If there’s anything else we can help with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support at Thanks!

  • I look forward to seeing this update on my calendar.

    • Calendly

      We can’t wait either! Look for it in the next few weeks. And thanks for using Calendly!

  • Ali

    This is amazing news! How do we activate the new views? I have been dying for this feature.

    • Calendly

      Hey Ali! You can activate the monthly view of your scheduling page at any time by adding “?month-view=enabled” to the end of your Calendly link. If there’s anything else we can help with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support here. Thanks!

      • smurfazi

        Does this mean we’re able to use ?month-view=disabled ? We’ve had a huge measurable drop in booking since the new interface went live in our Calendly and would like to go back to the old interface. The problem is that most of our months are blank, so customers don’t see anything to book. This cost us business.

        • Calendly

          Hi there,

          Yes, currently you can append ?month-view=disabled to your Calendly URL and you will be able to view your booking page in the old interface. However, this is only an option right now as we are still testing the new booking flow. Keep in mind that once we have fully rolled out the new booking flow, this will no longer be an option.

          If you’d like, you can send your invitees a link that will send them to a future date to avoid them landing on a month with no available dates. To do this, you would just add the desired date to the end of the link in /MM-DD-YYYY format, and Calendly will forward visitors directly to that date when they click your link.

          When following, and after selecting an event type, you’ll arrive at Jane Doe’s availability for November 2018. This also works when sending invitees to a specific event type, such as

          I hope this helps!

  • Danielle Libine-Collins

    yes!!! This is sooooo cool 🙂 thank you! can’t wait to have it in my account.

    • Calendly

      Thanks Danielle! So glad you’re excited. We can’t wait for it to roll out to everyone too!

  • 👍 for designing from research! Sounds like a great improvement. Thanks for your work!

    • Calendly

      Thanks for reading, Russell! Hope it makes your meeting scheduling even simpler. 🙂

  • Kenny Nguyen

    Is there a way to become a beta tester for new features and workflows?

    • Calendly

      Hey Kenny! If you reach out to support here, we’d be happy to gather your information so you’ll be notified sooner about any updates and opportunities to gain early access!

  • Dan

    I love the month view, but indicating availability by color only is really bad practice for accessibility. In the current/old week-at-a-time view, you had the clear “unavailable” labels under un-pickable dates. Consider putting an unfilled ring around pickable dates (and retain the filled circle once a day has been selected).

    • Calendly

      Hey Dan, thank you so much for this note and for caring about accessibility for all users. Our product team is taking note so that we can continue improving Calendly. Keep the feedback coming!

  • Cool! I would really like to see this. I’m assuming it looks like HubSpot Meetings, which I’m a big fan of! Would love to have seen a preview of it here on this post. 🙂

  • this is a drastic change that has really affected the use on our website. We really like the old better. Is there a way to pick and choose??? Please help!

    • Calendly

      Hi Oliver,

      This change is part of a greater effort to increase navigability for invitees scheduling with you. We’re making it easier to click through your available days and find a time to meet.

      With that said, we’re always working to improve the experience of our users and their invitees, and we value the feedback you’ve provided! I’ve personally passed it along to our design team for their review. I can say we are working on rolling out an alternate view that will be more similar to a week view in the coming months.

      Until this is rolled out to all users, you can try adding ?month-view=disabled to the end of the URL.

      Keep in mind that while this is a workaround for now, this will not be available once we fully roll out the new booking flow to all users.

      • Richard Quinn

        You should make this a continued option. We have seen a dramatic drop-off in our conversion rates since the change. The data tells the truth!

        • Tanya Marie Moushi

          I’m with Richard on this. I think for a Sales team, a weekly view is much preferred.

  • Neil J. Squillante

    This new view has serious usability problems when availability spans two or more months. I don’t see the point of a traditional calendar view online. I prefer the old design but even better would be a vertical list of available dates similar to the calendar view many of us use on our smartphones.

    • Chris

      I 100% agree @neiljsquillante:disqus

      • Tanya Marie Moushi


  • Can I integrate new Calendly version with Slack?

    • Calendly

      Hi there,

      While Calendly does not integrate with Slack directly, you can connect them using our Zapier integration. Zapier acts as a middleman, triggering actions in other apps after a Calendly event is scheduled or canceled. Take a look at the actions available with this zap here:

      Here is a quick video tutorial that will show you have to get started with Zapier.

      Keep in mind, the Zapier integration option requires the Premium or Pro version of Calendly.

      • Okay let me try Zapier. I have never used its. But thanks for the help 🙂

  • Shubham Ahuja

    Hello, I want to use Previous one because its design was much better than this.So can I use previous UI ? Is there any possibility.

    • Calendly

      Hey Shubham –
      We’d love to hear more of your feedback on this change, could you reach out to with more information and feedback so that we can learn more about what you would like to see?

      • Richard Quinn

        1. When you have dates in the last 2 days of the month, you can only see those days UNLESS you click to next month
        2. For sales team we want to create a sense of urgency, so want to limit what they see on first step