Published by Adam Lambert - February 26, 2020

One Month In: What It’s Like Working at Calendly in Atlanta, GA

Adam Lambert describes his first month at Calendly headquarters in Atlanta, outlining the experiences that made him even more confident in his decision to join the company.

The elevator entryway at Calendly HQ in Midtown Atlanta.

This was not the first time I’d moved to take a new job.

Two years ago, I shifted from ad agencies to software, seeing the long-term promise of SaaS, and opportunity for creative marketing across the industry.

So I left Kentucky with a Suburban full of clothes and kitchen appliances and headed for the “Silicon Slopes” of Utah.

I’d lived out west before; I attended grad school at the University of Montana, and I spent a summer freelancing in the Bay Area. I liked it a lot, but ultimately wanted to be closer to my family in East Tennessee. But before I moved back, I needed unfiltered, firsthand experience growing a SaaS from the inside.

And that’s precisely what I got.

Two winters later, the ideal opportunity arrived. I’d applied to a few places in Atlanta and Charlotte, testing the waters for the right fit, and Calendly contacted me with serious interest.

Calendly was a software I had a ton of exposure to, mostly because the majority of our employees used it at my previous company. For sales, it was their preferred method of setting that critical, first appointment. Marketing used it to set everything from agency meetings to video shoots. And recruiting used Calendly every day to schedule candidate interviews.

I knew Calendly was a fundamental part of our tech stack. That was obvious.

What I didn’t know was Calendly’s amazing success over the past few years, especially with its rapidly growing user base. (It’s been very successful financially as well, thanks to amazing leadership.)

I accepted within a day of receiving my offer, and once again packed my things—this time for a plane to Georgia.

There was a Calendly gift bag waiting in my hotel room on my first night in Atlanta.

I started at Calendly in January. A new year, a new city, and a new job, I started work just two days after landing in Atlanta.

I was eager to get going.

As it happened, we had an all-hands meeting that week, where we reviewed 2020 goals with every employee in the company.

Right out the gate, Calendly made it clear that we had charted a direction for the future, and it would take everyone, on every team, to get there.

After the meeting, I approached our CEO, Tope Awotona, and asked for a photo “for my mother.”

“How else will she know you’re working here?” he joked, and happily obliged.

We talked a couple minutes as the other employees filed out of the room, and he spoke directly to the importance of my role in growing the company.

Three days in and I was already building rapport with my CEO.

CEO Tope Awotona (left) and myself (right) on my third day of work at Calendly.

My boss, Ty, was just as approachable as Tope.

During the first month, he made sure we bonded as a Marketing team, and not just by taking me to lunch.

While we did the obligatory, “let’s get out of the office and grab a sandwich” during week one, we also arranged a team outing to the nail salon.

That’s right. I got my first pedicure at age 30, alongside my boss and two awesome teammates, Christine and Paige.

Can you really call it team building if you’re not willing to go barefoot?

I think not.

The Marketing Team at Nouvelle, a nail salon near our Midtown office.

Today marks one month I’ve been at Calendly, and one month I’ve been in Atlanta.

While I’m still learning names (our company is growing every day), I’ve established a solid group of friends from every department.

Justin, who started the same day as me, is my amigo in engineering. Jon Smith, our Head of CX, checks on me just to see how I’m getting along at least once a week.

Devon, our numbers guru in Sales, is always willing to entertain any subject I bring up—work or otherwise. And Nkem greets me every time he passes, even when his hands are full.

And as for my boss, we’re still bonding every day, learning about each other’s past lives and tattoos we got along the way.

My arm (Andy Griffith) and Ty’s arm (Otis Redding). And yes, we can display these in the office.

For anyone considering the move to Atlanta, or even just a move to SaaS from your current industry, I can’t recommend Calendly enough.

Forget all that nonsense about saying you’re a “work family.” I like people who show their care through action, and Calendly employees do just that.

My coworkers have shown they cared since before Day 1, and I plan to reciprocate by doing the best work of my life here.

I’ll check back in at my year mark to share our big wins.

Till then, keep hustling.

– Adam Lambert
Senior Content and Digital Marketing Manager

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