Published by Calendly - June 21, 2018

Pop the Champagne! The Happiness University students have graduated

Celebrating another class of trained product specialists.


Most of our college grads may have already donned their tassels and tossed their funky caps in the air, but at Calendly, we’re still celebrating graduation well into the summer!

This week, four of our newest Customer Experience teammates completed their training and passed with flying colors. They are now incredibly knowledgeable product specialists who can tackle even the trickiest questions with ease and speed.

Check out a behind the scenes look at how we celebrate learning and achievement at Calendly.

Learning the ins and outs of an entirely new product from scratch is extremely hard work—even with a product as simple and intuitive as Calendly. It takes determination and a relentless passion for helping our customers to accomplish more and take back their time. That’s why we have a graduation ceremony every time a class completes their training period.

It may not be a formal affair, but graduation at Calendly is definitely a celebration. Want to join the fun? We’re looking for the right people for roles in Customer Experience, Engineering, Marketing and Sales, in both Atlanta and our New York office.

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Photos and video by Tim DaGraca

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