Published by Calendly - June 20, 2018

Book meetings faster with the Calendly for Chrome update

Updated Chrome extension improves the ease of accessing and sharing your availability.

After we launched Calendly for Chrome, we heard from many customers that they love using the browser extension to find and share their scheduling links effortlessly—resulting in more meetings on the calendar, without the hassle. Keeping this in mind, our team has worked hard to make the process of scheduling meetings with the extension even more seamless.

Check out this video to see the updates in action!

What’s new?

  • Star your important event types for quicker access in your Starred items

Pro tip: You can star as many event types as you’d like, but choosing 5-6 will have all your Starred links displayed in the sidebar without having to scroll down.

  • Copy scheduling links in just one click
  • Add internal notes to clarify to yourself or your teammates which Calendly links are best to use for each meeting

Pro tip: If you manage a team, add in notes to make sure team members use the right links to schedule meetings. For example, on a round robin demo link, you can let your account executives know that the SDR will handle scheduling this particular meeting on their behalf.

  • View event types by section (personal, team and all user events) to find the right one fast

Get started with your updated extension

If you’ve already downloaded the Chrome extension, simply open your browser to start scheduling meetings even faster—your extension has been updated automatically.

Haven’t installed the Calendly for Chrome extension yet? It takes just a few minutes to get started. We know you’ll start seeing big wins, quickly.

3 responses to “Book meetings faster with the Calendly for Chrome update”

  1. Stretch Fletcher says:

    thank you

  2. Eliran Mesika says:

    Would be awesome to be able to define the ad-hoc events so there’s an option to have a permanent link to a web-conferencing (Zoom, WebEx etc) for these meetings.

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