Published by Calendly - December 15, 2017

Product update: Calendly now integrates with

We’ve got some good news for all the users out there. Your calendar is now supported in Calendly!

Whether you use Windows Live, Hotmail or another email provider with, you can now connect your calendar with your Calendly availability.

Simply click “Connect your Calendar” from your Calendly account menu and select Office 365/ to authenticate and you are all set. Calendly will begin reading your availability—based on your calendar events—right away.

Now, all your calendar events and existing conflicts will automatically be reflected in your Calendly availability when it’s shown to invitees. Double-booking solved!

Connect your calendar now

  • zacharycd

    I’m confused, what exactly is new? I’ve been using calendly with outlook sync for sometime now…

    • Calendly

      Hi –

      This is just an added sync option for outlook! accounts support other email providers like hotmail, windows live, etc. So now Calendly can support more of those through this new integration.

      I hope this information helps – happy scheduling!

  • JJ Nugent

    Does this work with an exchange account ?

    • Calendly

      Hi JJ –

      This does not currently support exchange, however that is a great feedback to have. I will pass that along directly to our developers! Thanks for your input

  • redmondChris

    Can Calendly simultaneously look across two calendars (e.g., Google Calendar and to determine availability, and then schedule a meeting on just one of those calendars?

  • Janine Gregor

    Does Calendly connect to only Can it just connect to my calendar in the platform Outlook from Office?

    • Calendly

      Hi Janine,

      Our Customer Happiness team is the best resource to help you out with this. We’ve submitted your inquiry and you should hear from them soon over email.


  • Paige Walsh

    I’m getting an error that my outlook is too old but it’s 2016…?

    • Calendly

      Hi Paige,

      We’ve submitted your inquiry to our Customer Happiness team – they’ll get back to you via email with a response.


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