Published by Calendly - April 24, 2018

Product update: Introducing text reminders and a Google Analytics integration

Reduce no-shows and improve campaign conversion tracking.

We have two brand new updates to share with you! We’ve released text reminders to help reduce no-shows and a Google Analytics integration to improve campaign conversion tracking.

Reduce no-shows with text reminders

Email reminders have always been a great way to stay in contact with invitees and keep attendance rates high. Now we’re offering another method to get in touch with invitees through automated text reminders. Customize the content of the reminders so your invitees have the most important information prior to the meeting.

Here are just a few reasons you may want to start using text reminders:

  • Eliminate the pain of no-shows that can prevent sales teams from meeting their quota
  • Maintain great relationships and keep your clients on track with onboarding sessions and status calls
  • Make sure your candidates have the best possible experience without confusion prior to an interview

Text reminders can be enabled by users with a Pro account. When editing invitee notifications in any event type, turn on text reminders. When your invitee is scheduling, they will see a field to enter their phone number to receive text reminders.  

Measure campaign funnels and conversions through Google Analytics

With our new integration, you can track each step of the scheduling process for your events in Google Analytics, including when an invitee:

  • Lands on your Calendly scheduling page
  • Chooses an event
  • Selects a day
  • Selects a time
  • Confirms a meeting

Create a goal in Google Analytics to record scheduled meetings as conversions so you can assess campaign sources and performance. Now you can see which campaigns are driving the most meetings (and getting you closer to your bottom line) to make improvements based on the insights.

This integration is available to owners and admins on Pro accounts. To get started, visit your admin settings within Google Analytics and locate your tracking ID by choosing your preferred account and the specific property you’d like to track. Click tracking info and find your ID under tracking code. Return to Calendly, navigate to your integrations page and select Google Analytics. Paste your tracking ID and save to complete setup.

Start using text reminders tracking your event campaigns

  • We use Calendly to schedule many different kinds of events, for example:
    – training sessions with customers
    – product demonstrations for prospective customers

    We do not want to fire a “goal completion” in Google Analytics when an existing customer schedules a training. We only want to fire the goal completion when a prospect schedules a demonstration.

    Is it possible to control which Calendly events fire the goal completion?

    • Calendly

      Hi Michael –

      That is a great question! We have sent this over to our customer support team and they should be in touch with an answer very soon!

  • Great to see the GA integration. Is it possible to do the same with the Facebook Pixel? A custom event could be created for each of the events:

    – Lands on your Calendly scheduling page
    – Chooses an event
    – Selects a day
    – Selects a time
    – Confirms a meeting

    And then a custom conversion could be setup in Facebook for the “confirms a meeting” custom event.

    If this could be done individually for each Calendly booking event, that would be even better ie choose the FB custom events to only fire on the Calendly booking event of your choosing.

    • Calendly

      Hi Tim –

      We have sent this question over to our customer support team so they can give you a thorough answer in more characters than we can share here. They should be in touch very soon!

  • David

    Hey I’m considering switching on the SMS to reduce no-shows. What no-show percentage do you have?

    • How can they measure no-show percentage? Surely that data comes from you.

      • David

        It was more of a question for everybody. Should’ve just “How do y’all” 🙂

    • Calendly

      Hi David –

      Unfortunately, we don’t have data on that since this feature was just released. However, we would love to hear what success you have if you decide to use text reminders!

  • Sylvain

    Are Text reminders also available for Eurepean countries ?

    • +1 for this question – thanks

      • I’ve just tested in the UK and it all works fine.

        I had to first upgrade to the Pro subscription. I then set up a test event for myself with a personal email address. I was able to add the new SMS notifications in addition to the previous email notifications.

        The SMS reminders came through as expected. I received SMS reminders both as the person arranging the event and as the person with whom the event was booked.

        This is a welcome development. Thanks!

      • Alessia Fuser

        + 2 for this question >> Please 🙂

    • Calendly

      Hy Sylvain –

      Peter is correct! Text reminders should work in European countries because they work in all countries where the mobile carrier network accepts SMS.

  • Randall V. Pena

    Are text/sms reminders available in south east asia, specifically the Philippines?

    • Calendly

      Hi Randall –

      Text reminders work in all countries where the mobile carrier network accepts SMS!

      • Randall V. Pena


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  • Ben Gray

    Can the user opt out of receiving text message invitations? e.g. is the Send text reminder box an optional input? We gather a users telephone number anyway for booking purposes. Is the number that is entered in the Send text reminder box a data field that is accessible through the API?

    • Calendly

      Hi Ben –

      Yes, text reminders are completely optional on the part of the invitee. When booking a meeting they can choose to provide their phone number for that. However, you can still have phone number be a required field upon booking and not send text reminders!

      Hope that helps!

      • LEG Project Manager

        I am in the same situation as Ben. So the customer would have to enter in their phone number twice in order to schedule a call with us (mandatory field) …and then get a text reminder?

        • Calendly

          Hi there –

          Yes, if you needed to ensure you gathered their phone number. Text reminders can not be labeled as a required field – so if you need their phone number for a call, you’ll have to add Phone Number as a question and mark is as required.

          That is the only way to guarantee that you get their number for the call
          because we never want to force people to get text reminders!

          • LEG Project Manager

            Thank you for your quick response. And I totally get that these reminders can’t be forced upon our client. But what I’m asking is if they are already entering in their phone number (required field for us) – is there a checkbox or something that we can use to say “send text reminder?” …Instead of having the client have to submit their phone number twice?

          • Calendly

            Thanks for clarifying more! At this time, that is not an option but is a good idea. Would you mind adding it to our idea portal? That is where our developers look for information on which updates are most needed!

            Thank you!

          • Hugo Cardinale

            +1 for this question – thanks

  • Benjamin Yackshaw

    Questions about the text message feature:

    1. Can you choose how far in advance of the meeting the text is sent?
    2. Can you use this feature with the standard phone number field in a Calendly form? Or do you have to use the field depicted above (the “Send text reminder to” field)?

    • Calendly

      Hi Benjamin –

      1. Yes, you can! Once you’ve enabled text reminders, click “Personalize” to expand the options, which includes setting the timing of the reminder
      2. You can’t use text reminders with the standard phone number field, however if you don’t need to require phone number only the text reminder field will show and it will look like this

      I hope that answers your question!

      • Benjamin Yackshaw

        Thanks, that answers my questions. I thought of another one, though. What’s the “from” number for the text reminders? Can we set this up to use our reps’ cell phone numbers?

        • Calendly

          Benjamin –

          Unfortunately, you can’t set what number the reminder comes from. It will be a randomized number each time and the number will be one from your country specifically if you’re international.

          If this is something you would like to see, would you mind adding it to our idea portal?

          Our developers look here when deciding which updates to make. We appreciate your feedback!

  • bnhawy


  • charmaine

    Does it cost extra when I use a text reminder feature?

    • Calendly

      Hi there –

      Text reminders are only offered on our pro plan, which is paid. However, you don’t have to pay per text!

  • Lee Ann

    How many text reminders can be sent per meeting? In other words, can I send a text reminder 1 week before appointment and 24 hours before?

    • Calendly

      Hi Lee Ann –

      You can send up to 3 reminders! So yes, you can send a reminder 1 week and 24 hours before!

  • Mateus Tavares

    Any news on post-registration redirects? Google Analytics integration is good, but what if there are more tools to track events? Plus, it’d be nice to have the ability to use custom thank-you pages.

    • Calendly

      Hi Mateus –

      No news yet, but we will be sure to let you know as soon as there is! Thank you for your feedback.

  • Taylor

    Is it possible to integrate with RingCentral so the number comes from a dedicated company number, not a random one? I would like for people to be able to reach me or someone at my company if they decide to call the number or text back.

    • Calendly

      Hi Taylor!

      We don’t have an integration with RingCentral. In this instance, we’d recommend adding the dedicated phone number to the body of the text reminder so your invitee can reach you prior to your meeting if needed.

      • Taylor

        Yes, thank you, I’m doing that. Unfortunately there are people who don’t really read the messages and call the number anyway.

  • Stephanie Tesreau

    I do not see where I can turn on the features to ask for or to send the text messages. Can someone show me where to turn on the feature?

  • Jimmie Jones

    When does this actual start for the text reminders?

    • Calendly

      Hi Jimmie –

      Unfortunately, I am not sure I understand your question. Are you asking when text reminders will be available? If so, they are available now for all Pro users!

  • pettywop

    This is the type of development I like to see!

    Side note: this blog is pretty 😉

    • Calendly

      Thanks for the love – glad you like it!

  • Hugo Cardinale

    What happens if someone replies to the text reminder?

    • Calendly

      Hi Hugo –

      If someone replies with anything other than STOP, nothing happens. Hope this information helps!

  • Penny Mclaughlin-Miller

    How do I know that email reminders are actually being sent?

    • Calendly

      Hi Penny –

      There is no delivery confirmation within Calendly, you can only confirm by checking with your invitee. However, we rarely hear of email reminder delivery issues.

      If you’d like to see a feature added that could allow you to confirm email delivery could you add it to our idea portal here?

      Our developers look here when choosing which product updates to make! Thank you!

  • Mary Elmer

    We do not gather phone numbers, as we are maxed out on the number of questions. Is there a way to add the phone number column into the downloadable .csv file for those who opt-into text reminders? I see that this is included on the backend, however it isn’t in a user friendly format for us since we download the file and upload it into another database.

    • Calendly

      Hi Mary –

      I have sent your question over to our support team! They should reach out soon and will be able to answer your question in-depth!

  • Mike Upjohn


    Can you receive the phone number that the user wrote into the ‘reminder text’ field, in the post to a webhook endpoint in my code? Where would I find it if so? Or does it need to be a question field set up?

    • Calendly

      Hi Mike –

      That is a great question! Our team is happy to help. Could you please email us at with this question? We will be able to give you a more in-depth answer and help you troubleshoot that way!