Published by Calendly - December 18, 2017

Make availability changes to multiple event types in just a few clicks

Now introducing copying availability for bulk changes.

If you have several event types, making the same availability changes to each one can take a lot of time.

Our latest update saves you tons of time by allowing you to edit your availability in bulk. You can now replicate availability across event types in two ways:

  1. Access the bulk actions toolbar to make changes to your regular schedule.
  2. Copy availability from an existing event type when creating or editing other event types.

Admins and team managers can even make changes across all their team event types so everyone stays on the same page, without any confusion.

Eliminate extra steps and enjoy replicating availability across event types with the newest updates from Calendly.


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30 responses to “Make availability changes to multiple event types in just a few clicks”

  1. Lauren Edwards says:

    Hooray! Thanks so much!!! Such a HUGE time saver!

  2. Aubrey McCarthy says:

    Does this aggregate event limits across event types? I have two even types, and never want more than 4 total meetings to be scheduled in one day, and right now I still can accidentally end up with 5 or 6 if people are booking using both event types.

  3. Scott Pontier says:

    I would love to use this to make myself unavailable across all my event types… however it doesn’t let me just make changes to dates and update… it overrides each event type (which have different availabilities) with the SAME schedule…. So I’m not sure how helpful this is… you’re just overwriting everything to be the same schedule. Sort of defeats the purpose of having multiple events.

  4. Lacey Dippold says:

    I wish there was a “master availability” calendar that would stay hidden. With this feature, you could change the availability for every single calendar instead of having to copy your availability for each meeting type. This would save TONS of time.

  5. Andre Taron says:

    It’s such a bummer that a key feature is missing: the ability to have each event have its own availability.

    I have an event with 5 seats, each having it’s own separate reservation.
    Right now, if I make 5 separate events and someone reserves for 1 event at 10am, the 10am timeslot is locked for all 4 other “events”.

    There is no way to separate my personal availability from an event’s availability?

  6. Danny B says:

    I created a team with a Round-Robin event type. Shouldn’t the event type inherit the availability from each of the team members individual availability?

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