Published by Calendly - June 29, 2017

How Referral Rock scales its inbound sales team and frees up time for high-priority tasks

Referral Rock, a referral marketing software, schedules meetings and demos quickly and easily with Calendly. Hear from founder Joshua Ho on how they tailor the customer experience to maintain the highest standard of customer interaction.

As a lean team, Referral Rock doesn’t have the time to coordinate their sales team’s individual schedules. They also don’t want to waste valuable time looking through threads of emails to schedule a demo with a lead, especially if the lead may not be a good fit for their services.

Using Calendly helps to eliminate the back and forth of meeting scheduling and ensure the sales team is targeting quality leads. Integrating Calendly across platforms gives the team clarity and insight to schedule follow ups correctly, conduct thorough meetings and close deals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep the customer in mind, then streamline and standardize workflows. Automating meeting requests helps to schedule demos and other meetings more efficiently. Strike the balance of gathering important customer data and tailoring the sales strategy to each prospect to remain genuine and assess customer health.
  • Make the most of your team’s time. Your sales team is likely strapped for time. Use Calendly features such as round robin meeting scheduling to save time, while also responding to customers as quickly as possible. This allows team members taking on other responsibilities to step in as a backup without being overloaded with meetings.
  • Utilize integrations with other optimization tools and platforms. Calendly is designed to work harmoniously with your existing apps—like Zapier, GoToMeeting and Salesforce. Increase sales process efficiency by capitalizing on the benefits of these integrations.

Streamlining inbound demo requests with automated scheduling

Around 80% of Referral Rock’s demos get scheduled through Calendly, making it a key piece of automating their inbound workflow for scheduling demo requests.  

They use the team capabilities and multiple event types within Calendly to direct prospects and customers to the correct resources within Referral Rock, allowing for standardization and customization of their workflow—all while keeping in mind the customer’s requests.  

By automating team scheduling, Referral Rock uses Calendly to gather crucial information and tailor their approach to every conversation throughout the sales process, which helps to increase team productivity and effectiveness. Now that every meeting request automatically goes to the correct team, there’s ample time to fully address customer concerns.

More efficiently scheduling sales meetings and tailoring the customer experience

Referral Rock is in somewhat of a unique position, as they have a mix of both full- and part-time employees. To make the most of the team’s availability, ensure everyone is prepared before each sales meeting, and ultimately close deals, there are several Calendly scheduling features that benefit the organization:

  1. Customize calendars at the team level. Having set limitations like a time buffer before and after each event and a limit on how far ahead of time an event needs to be scheduled lets the sales team prepare for each product demo and tailor the presentation to each prospect’s needs.  
  2. Never have a scheduling conflict. With the team’s structure for various full- and part-time roles, remote work and personal schedules, integrating both work and personal calendars is a “must have” to keep everything on point and avoid scheduling conflicts.
  3. Only schedule meetings at times that make sense for all individuals on your team. Each team member’s schedule can be set on an individual basis by drilling down to specific dates and selecting the exact times they’d like to be available. For example, if a sales rep wants to spend  the first hour of their day focusing on catching up and preparing for calls, they can block off that hour on a recurring basis. This provides an ideal solution for the team, helping individuals stay organized and giving them plenty of time for other important responsibilities—not just calls.
  4. Ensure the most relevant reps are on prospecting calls. Referral Rock distributes leads round robin, helping to accommodate each request in a timely manner and offer a time that works best for each prospect. They assign team members focused on sales or customer success the highest priority for calls and reserve other team members as backups when needed.
  5. Avoid no-shows. Oftentimes when scheduling a demo, an invitee forgets about the meeting. Easily setting up multiple notifications and reminders helps cut down no-shows. Referral Rock eliminates the hurdle by sending calendar invitations with the meeting location and call-in details, email reminders a day before and a final email reminder one hour before.

Leveraging integrations to support sales processes, and ultimately help close deals

In the SaaS world, integrations are key to various solutions and services working together in a cohesive manner.

Referral Rock utilizes the native Calendly to Google Calendar integration for each member of their sales teams’ personal accounts as well as the Zapier integration to connect to their CRM, Hubspot. Through this integration, they can sync the specific event type information to create a full view of leads within Hubspot without adding any manual work in the process. Calendly also pulls information and events from the team’s personal calendars to block unavailable times.

While there are many automated scheduling platform options for a referral marketing software company like Referral Rock, Calendly stood out for its combination of a modern look and feel, service, price and feature set. Calendly is helping Referral Rock save time and improve efficiency, as the majority of meetings get scheduled without any interaction from a human. Their team looks forward to continual and increased big wins by improving their sales process through the support of Calendly.

Joshua Ho is the founder Referral Rock (@jlogic). We believe every business has the potential to increase their word of mouth. Our referral marketing software helps unlock that potential by making it easy for customers to refer and businesses to operate.

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