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Introducing seamless rescheduling and improved team management

Everything we do is with our users in mind to eliminate scheduling as a frustration and free up time for the activities that matter most to your business.

This week, we’re excited to announce three new Calendly features to help you better connect with your invitees and manage your team!

1) Reschedule with invitees, straight from your dashboard

We’ve made rescheduling more powerful and effortless with a new option that allows you to reschedule events right from the dashboard, eliminating the former two-step process of canceling and scheduling a new event to ensure your invitee has the best possible experience.

2) Reassign round robin events for team members

The new reassignment process gives you the option to send invitees back through round robin pooling for quick rescheduling or keep them assigned to the original team member. Since you can now own this process for your team, it saves time for team members while improving organizational efficiency, too.

You can reassign another team member to a scheduled round robin event by rescheduling it on your dashboard. Find the event and click “Reschedule” then, “Choose team member.”

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3) More efficient team management for owners and admins

Enjoy the newly redesigned event types page that allows owners and admins to create and manage event types for all users within their organization.

Here are just a couple of examples of how this may help streamline workflows for you and your team:

  • You’re onboarding a new team member. You can set them up with the event types you love and know will make sense for them in their role.
  • Your users have busy schedules and are constantly on the go. You can manage their event types for them while they’re out of the office to make sure your invitees always have the best experience.

Add new event types for your users.

Edit or update existing event types for you users.

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Stay tuned!

We’ll have new, exciting updates in the upcoming months, but feel free to reach out to us at with any questions in the meantime.