Published by Calendly - June 23, 2017

Introducing seamless rescheduling and improved team management

Everything we do is with our users in mind to eliminate scheduling as a frustration and free up time for the activities that matter most to your business.

This week, we’re excited to announce three new Calendly features to help you better connect with your invitees and manage your team!

1) Reschedule with invitees, straight from your dashboard

We’ve made rescheduling more powerful and effortless with a new option that allows you to reschedule events right from the dashboard, eliminating the former two-step process of canceling and scheduling a new event to ensure your invitee has the best possible experience.

2) Reassign round robin events for team members

The new reassignment process gives you the option to send invitees back through round robin pooling for quick rescheduling or keep them assigned to the original team member. Since you can now own this process for your team, it saves time for team members while improving organizational efficiency, too.

You can reassign another team member to a scheduled round robin event by rescheduling it on your dashboard. Find the event and click “Reschedule” then, “Choose team member.”

Learn more.

3) More efficient team management for owners and admins

Enjoy the newly redesigned event types page that allows owners and admins to create and manage event types for all users within their organization.

Here are just a couple of examples of how this may help streamline workflows for you and your team:

  • You’re onboarding a new team member. You can set them up with the event types you love and know will make sense for them in their role.
  • Your users have busy schedules and are constantly on the go. You can manage their event types for them while they’re out of the office to make sure your invitees always have the best experience.

Add new event types for your users.

Edit or update existing event types for you users.

Learn more.

Stay tuned!

We’ll have new, exciting updates in the upcoming months, but feel free to reach out to us at with any questions in the meantime.

39 responses to “Introducing seamless rescheduling and improved team management”

  1. LeAnn Reyes says:

    This looks great! Thank you!

  2. Tom Diersch says:

    Interesting changes. Not using it for teams looks like 2 and 3 don’t apply to me. Not sure how the reschedule workflow looks. Perhaps some more detail?

  3. Jeff Nelson says:

    How can you set calander so appointment must be booked 48 hrs out. So I don’t wake up in the morning and have unplanned appointments

  4. Travis Eubanks says:

    This looks great and all buttttt… how about adding a redirect option after submitting a scheduled appointment? I mean I had to recently switch from Calendly to another calendar scheduling software and I’m even paying for it all because it’s able to do redirects. In my eyes and from the other forums posts ive seen this seems to be a HUGE feature that is absent in your software.

    The moment you add that feature myself and I’m sure a ton more people will switch back to Calendly…(if the other guys havnt won my business in full by then)

  5. thisIsHowIroll says:

    Kudos on making improvements! But….I was really hoping the improvement was on the group scheduling (Doodle poll) feature. I would think this is high on the list of improvements to make, but it’s getting no love on your community boards and no update here. Please make this happen!.

  6. JHow says:

    Your description of the rescheduling tool is that it “allows *you* to reschedule events” (emphasis mine); can invitees reschedule their own appointment as well? (The rest of the blog seems to make a clear distinction between us and our invitees, so I’m not reading it as a generic “you”.) It’s more often that they’re the one wanting a change, not me.

    • Calendly says:

      The update was to made to make rescheduling easier for our users through their Calendly dashboard, however invitees can still easily reschedule through the confirmation email they receive or directly from their calendar event. We agree! It is very important for the invitee to be able to reschedule a meeting and that is why we offer the ability to do so.

      If you have other specific questions on invitee rescheduling capabilities, please feel free to email – we are happy to help!

  7. Nikki Palevsky says:

    Would like to be able to set standing appointments so I don’t need to keep doing the same thing week after week

    • Calendly says:

      Hi Nikki – we’re happy to help! If you would like to book the same invitee every week, our suggestion would be to do so from your calendar. Once they book with you, visit the event in your calendar, make sure they are a participant in the event and set it to recurring. Just be sure you’re available at that time every week. If the event is marked as ‘busy,’ Calendly will know you are unavailable during those times.

      In the meantime, if you’d prefer to do everything through Calendly so that your invitee receives all of your notifications, you could either have them book with you every week OR you can do it yourself. Just visit the same scheduling link you would share with your invitee, and fill out the booking flow for them.

      We hope this helps and feel free to reach out to if you have any other questions!

  8. Ben Kempas says:

    Hi there… When someone wants to reschedule a 1-hour appointment to start just half an hour later, this doesn’t seem to be possible as the original appointment in the calendar blocks availability for that full hour (plus buffer time). We have to ask people to cancel, wait a while, then re-book, which isn’t great. Is there anyway this could be addressed from your end?

  9. Judson Carter Abts says:

    Since there is no redirect option STILL, I’m recommending my client cancel the account. This is such a basic feature that should is absolutely required for any AdWords/tracking etc

  10. I’m just here because I like everything, but not having automatic redirects is a “multiplication by zero” problem. Your product is completely useless to me. It’s a shame.

    • Calendly says:

      Hi Chris –

      We are sorry to hear that! We value your feedback and are working hard to make Calendly the best it can be. Our product team reviews all suggestions left in our idea portal and it is helpful for everyone who feels this way to vote, so I encourage you to add your suggestion or vote here if you’d like:

      We hope to have you on board and scheduling meetings with Calendly when we better meet your needs!

      • Ryan says:

        You mean the idea portal were it was mentioned over a year ago, has more votes than any other suggestion, and you still haven’t added it in yet?

        • Calendly says:

          Hi Ryan –

          We understand your frustration. We work hard to ensure that a feature is perfect before we release so our users can get the most benefit out of it. Obtaining feedback through our idea portal is a very important part of our research process that can take some time. We hope you can understand and as always, keep an eye out for new updates as we are always improving upon the product!

          Let us know if you have any other questions – happy to help where we can!

          • Michelle Anderson says:

            Yeah the affiliate link thread is SO FULL but ya’ll still haven’t done anything about it in the 2 years I’ve been using it.

  11. George Amine says:

    How are marketers meant to use this product with no redirects after booking made? I guess this must not be a target audience of yours.

  12. Teresa Norwood Kenney says:

    I would like to do a private event but not sure how to set that up on a Saturday. If I block the day then I can’t schedule over it?

  13. LouAnn says:

    As a test I scheduled a meeting, added to my calendar through the feedly prompt. Then I went in and rescheduled it and added through the feedly prompt. I noticed that it did not automatically remove the previously scheduled date from my calendar. Does this have to be done manually, or was there a glitch?

    • Calendly says:

      Hi Louann –

      I’m sorry you are experiencing difficulties but we are happy to help! Could you email our team at with this question? They will be able to look in to your account and help you trouble shoot!

  14. Cathy Walker says:

    How do you schedule a recurring meeting? I don’t see any option for that.

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