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Salesforce integration

With Calendly’s Salesforce integration, you can automatically create and/or update Salesforce records as meetings are scheduled through Calendly.

With Calendly’s Salesforce integration, you can automatically create and/or update Salesforce records as meetings are scheduled through Calendly.

In this post:

Some ways to use Calendly + Salesforce

As Calendly meetings are scheduled or canceled, you’ll be able to:

  • Automatically create or update Salesforce Leads
  • Automatically create or update Salesforce Contacts
  • Automatically create or update Salesforce Opportunities
  • Automatically create or update Salesforce Cases
  • Automatically create Salesforce events and tasks for leads, contacts, opportunities and cases

Getting Started with Salesforce integration

  1. Go to your Integrations page and select “Salesforce”
  2. Select “Go to setup”
  3. Authenticate your Salesforce account
  4. Install the Calendly package from the link in Step 2

Note: By default, the installed Calendly package comes with 2 flows to help you get up and running. The logic of these flows can be customized, and new flows can be created to best fit your company’s current setup. The default flows are:

  • Cancel Event Flow
  • Create Event for Case Flow
  • Create Event for Lead Flow
  • Create or Update Lead or Contact Flow

You’re all set!

What actions are defined in the default flows?

  • When a Calendly event is created, if a record does not exist in Salesforce with the invitee’s email, a new lead will be created.
  • If the record does exist, then an event will be added to either a lead or case associated with the invitee’s email address.
  • Whenever a meeting is canceled, the event will be updated and the word “canceled” will appear next to the event in Salesforce.
  • All record lookups are defined by the owner of the Calendly event.
  • When a new lead is created from a Calendly event, the owner of this record will belong to the assigned Calendly user.
  • When a new event is created, the owner of this record will also belong to the assigned Calendly user.

Note: While the Calendly user assigned to the event is the Owner by default for all newly created leads, this can easily be customized so that the record is assigned to a specific user or System Admin. Simply navigate to Workflows in Salesforce to modify the logic in these default flows.

29 responses to “Salesforce integration”

  1. Nicholas Trawinski says:

    not working. the directions are clear until you get to number 4.

  2. Nicholas Trawinski says:

    can you be more clear about the link? i added this:alert(“{!Case.Id}”); and i get a notice saying a problem with the onclick java occurs.
    It is also not clear what the ID variable is. please respond with help. thanks.

  3. Alex Kim says:

    Will this work with Salesforce IQ or just the main Salesforce?

    • Matthew Botos says:

      Alex, SalesforceIQ runs on a separate platform and API, so I don’t think this will work with it. If you’d like to chat about building a custom SalesforceIQ integration for Calendly, please look me up.

  4. Sudheer says:

    looks great.. can you explain how this is different from “salesforce for outlook” if we are ms exchange customers??

  5. Hayley Dyer says:

    Calendly doesn’t appear in the App Exchange on salesforce

  6. Subtle Chaos says:

    Does your Salesforce App support Professional Edition orgs?

  7. Bharat says:

    Is the Integration two way. If I update the event in Salesforce does it update the Calendly account ?

  8. komal patodi says:

    What a fantastic read on Salesforce. This has helped me understand a lot in Salesforce course. Please keep sharing similar write ups on Salesforce. Guys if you are keen to know more on Salesforce, must check this wonderful Salesforce tutorial and i’m sure you will enjoy learning on Salesforce training.

  9. David Hammond says:

    Really sad that you guys don’t allow for Salesforce Integration with PE/GE. Our company uses PE.

    You can develop Apex code in Developer Edition and deploy it to Professional Edition. You can accomplish this by installing a managed package that was created in a Developer Edition, and contains the desired apex code in a Apex Class or Apex Trigger in a Professional or Group Edition.

    Considerations before deploying code to another edition:

    The managed package must go through the AppExchange Security Review.
    If you pass the security review, let them know you want to authorize your managed package.
    After authorization is complete install your managed package with apex code in Group Edition and Professional Edition.

    I am certainly not in charge of your company, but I will tell you that by doing this, you would open up a TON of customers and would make me a customer for life for sure.

  10. Stephen Stark says:

    Can you explain this:
    “All record lookups are defined by the owner of the Calendly event.”

    • Calendly says:

      Stephen –

      Essentially, this means that the Calendly user who was scheduled will be the owner of the event! If you need further help our team is always available at

      • Stephen Stark says:

        Hmmm…. I’m specifically trying to understand how I can set the ObjectId on the CalendlyAction. How is the ObjectId field populated?

        • Calendly says:

          Okay! We have dedicated Salesforce specialists on our Customer Experience team who can provide you with a more in-depth answer, specific to your use case. Email is the best place to have the exchange so would you mind sending this question to

          Thank you in advance! We look forward to helping you

  11. Skender Kollcaku says:


    I already installed Calendly for Salesforce, but currently I see only two flows active (see attached file) and only events are being created not new Leads (if not found).

    what could be the reason?

    Sken der

  12. ore orc says:

    Is it possible to install the trail on Salesforce sandbox?

  13. Wilfred de Wit says:

    We receive an error in our workflow as hereunder:
    Error Occurred: This error occurred when the flow tried to create records: REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING: Required fields are missing: [DurationInMinutes]

    The setup of the flow is like attached file

    Can someone tell how to solve this?


    • Calendly says:

      Hey Will –

      If you remove the field mapping for EndDateTime and then activate that modified version of the flow, that should prevent this error! Sometimes SF runs in to a conflict because they have a start time and end time and duration so having all of those causes an error if there was a potential difference in the time between the start and end time and the duration!

      If you need further assistance, we’d be happy to help here!

      • Wilfred de Wit says:

        I took that part out. Activated this new flow version but got this message after debugging:

        Error Occurred: This error occurred when the flow tried to create records: REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING: Required fields are missing: [DurationInMinutes

        • Joe says:

          Hi Will,

          I had the exact same issue and after speaking to Calendly managed to find a solution.

          I do not have the [DurationInMinutes] field mapped at all, just use [StartDateTime] & [EndDateTime].

          You cannot run the flow in the flow builder to test it as it tries to pull in a value which doesn’t exist and will always throw the error. I know, frustrating. Save the flow as a new version and then go back, Click on the flow and activate your new version then make the test from a Calendly Invite link.

          Hope this helps.

  14. Aditi Musunur says:

    Very Informative and useful blog. Thanks for sharing. I got idea about Salesforce integration

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