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Upcoming webinar: Accelerate your sales funnel with pro tips from Calendly + MadKudu

The workflow top sales leaders use to qualify leads and close deals that will work for you, even if you’re strapped for time.

Register now for this free 30-minute webinar with SaaS leaders, Tope Awotona (Founder | CEO of Calendly) + Francis Brero (Co-founder | CRO of MadKudu)!

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You’€™ll see (step-by-step) how to automatically identify your best leads and schedule demos to close them immediately. In just 30 minutes, you’€™ll get game-changing sales tips like:  

  • How to get your most qualified leads to book time with you directly from your website
  • Ways to remove friction from the buyer journey and accelerate sales
  • The simple workflow you can use to book demos in your sleep
  • Why you should use automation to qualify and schedule leads even (and especially) when you have a small budget
  • And more ways to turn opportunity into revenue€!

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