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Mailchimp integration with Calendly

New Calendly integration: Mailchimp

By Calendly - March 30, 2020

Integrate Calendly + Mailchimp to automatically update your audience contacts and create better email marketing experiences.
Download the Calendly Android App from Google Play Store

Download the Calendly App for Android!

By Calendly - March 3, 2020

It’s here! 🎉 Use the Calendly Android app for seamless on-the-go scheduling.
Calendly highlights what times you're both available - just look for the green dot

Calendly highlights times you’re both free

By Calendly - February 28, 2020

Quickly spot times you're available with a side-by-side calendar view in desktop.
Automated follow-up emails

Follow-up emails—build better relationships after every meeting, automatically

By Calendly - October 8, 2019

Increase the impact of your meetings with automated emails that send after your calls
Calendly Outlook Add-in

More ways to schedule from Outlook

By Calendly - August 26, 2019

Schedule all your meetings without leaving your inbox
Connect Multiple Calendars to Calendly

Connect multiple calendars to your Calendly account

By Calendly - July 18, 2019

You can connect up to 6 calendars to a single Calendly account to show a more complete picture of your…
Embed Calendly on your website

Add a scheduling form to your website to increase conversions instantly

By Calendly - July 17, 2019

Calendly offers multiple embed customization options to fit your unique brand

Your invitees can now add guests to the Calendly events they schedule with you

By Calendly - May 20, 2019

Our latest product update ensures that all necessary participants are included in your meeting
Single Use Links and Email Embedding Times

The best ways to share your availability for any occasion

By Calendly - May 20, 2019

Exercise more control while scheduling with our latest update to link sharing