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Mailchimp’s VP of Talent Strategy, Andy Pittman, on Curating Talent and Technology in Recruiting

By Ty Collins - January 9, 2020

Mailchimp has evolved into one of the most powerful marketing platforms in the tech industry and continues to push its…
Reducing time-to-hire with Calendly

Improving the candidate experience and delighting hiring managers

By Mary Grissom - December 19, 2018

Steal Calendly’s process to reduce time-to-hire and hit your recruiting goals.

How to grow at work, increase your pay and chart your unique career path

By Calendly - May 15, 2018

A practical guide to professional development.
Hire the right people, faster

Hire the right people, faster

By Calendly - April 15, 2018

Speed up your recruitment cycle and create a better experience for your candidates with Calendly.

Removing the friction and improving connections

By Calendly - February 6, 2018

The best techniques for candidate, customer and podcast interviews.

Building a tech stack with the fastest time-to-value and lasting ROI

By Calendly - November 2, 2017

Why evaluating tech tools for TTV is important for long-term success.

The secret to hiring the perfect culture fit, every time

By Calendly - January 8, 2015

To meet the needs of their dynamic market, Smallbox requires more from its staff than stiff, polished resumes; it needs…

Recruiters: use this admissions strategy to retain top talent & grow your program

By Calendly - December 18, 2014

What if you discovered that your admissions strategy was potentially letting top talent slip through the cracks? By switching to…