Published by Calendly - September 13, 2018

Introducing automatic redirect and more custom questions

Provide a seamless scheduling experience and improve customer relationships.

We are excited to share two new updates to improve your invitees’ scheduling experience and help you collect important information to have effective meetings. Today, we are introducing the ability to take your invitees right to the web page of your choice after scheduling a meeting with you, and we’ve increased the number of questions you can ask invitees as they schedule with you from 4 to 10.

Provide a seamless scheduling experience with automatic redirect options after booking

Calendly is a key part of a larger customer journey for your invitees and sometimes it is helpful to guide people to additional information after they schedule a meeting. Redirect does just that, allowing Pro users to:

    • Track conversions from your funnel to better understand the customer journey by redirecting to a page with Facebook or any other conversion tracking enabled on your website.
    • Offer customized content upon confirmation to ensure you can all have the most productive meeting. Examples of effective content include collateral related to your product or service for demos, case studies or ROI-focused content for meetings further in the sales process, implementation details for onboarding calls, or maps and logistical details for in-person meetings.

Note: automatic redirect is a feature only offered to users on our pro plan. Not on a pro plan yet? Upgrade now.

Pro users can choose to automatically redirect invitees to another website after scheduling instead of displaying our confirmation page. Calendly will pass information about the meeting to the redirected site so you can use that information to attribute the scheduled meeting to previous actions or campaigns, track conversions by monitoring each meeting booked or create a custom confirmation page of your own using that data. Learn more.

Choose an event type and try setting up an automatic redirect!

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Improve customer relationships with custom questions

Calendly asks each invitee for their name and email address when they schedule with you. Now for each event type, you can add up to 10 additional questions (instead of 4 previously)—making it easy to learn more about your invitees to conduct more focused and successful meetings. Each question can be marked as required or left as optional for your invitees. You can choose from 5 different question types depending on what type of information you need to gather:

  • One line
  • Multiple lines
  • Radio buttons (choose one)
  • Checkboxes (choose multiple)
  • Phone number

You can now also include answers from any added custom questions in each event’s unique details. Personalize calendar invitations, confirmation emails and reminders with answers to your questions to customize and provide meeting context in notifications or easily remind your invitees of their answers.

Early users of this feature are reporting that they save tons of time on manual data entry. How do they do it? By integrating Calendly with Salesforce to map the responses gathered through the scheduling process to their Salesforce records, so their team has access to all the information they need right in their CRM.

Gather invitee information by adding questions to your event types!

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15 responses to “Introducing automatic redirect and more custom questions”

  1. Matt Larson says:

    Great new features coming from a platform that already increases my meeting take rate and gets rid of the numerous emails back and forth. Calendly makes it easier for my customers to do business with me.

  2. Ummmm…hasn’t custom questions been in the product for a while? I’ve been using it for at least a year.

  3. I’m really in love with Calendly. We use it since a couple of years in my Web design studio, and everybody likes it. Simple, effective, and looks quite pro! We even added a “Book your discovery call” directly in our Contact page, which is integrated with the help of the Integration option. Check it out!

  4. Helen says:

    These updates are great! Thanks, Team Calendly! One thing I’d really like to see is the ability to change the email address associated with the account, without changing the calendaring email address. So, if a client hits reply to the automated reminder, my personal email address receives their email (because my calendar is hooked up to my personal email address). I’d really like to be able to change the email address that sends them the reminder email—I’m trying to look professional here. 😉 Thanks in advance for making this possible.

    • Calendly says:

      Hi Helen,

      Thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback! Could you submit this request to our Idea Portal? It’s the best way to share requests with our product team.

      Thank you!

      • Helen says:

        I’m afraid I have to dig my heels in on this one, Team Calendly. As the paying customer, *I’ve already shared my feedback* (twice, in fact, on this exact topic—the first time was in response to your feedback survey that went out just a few weeks ago) and would really like for you folks to receive it, instead of needing it to be placed in a specific forum in order to be considered. As a Calendly employee, it’s now *your turn* to take the baton and run it over the finish line for me (so I can keep doing my work). Please kindly share my request with your product team.

  5. Hahna Kane says:

    YES! I’m so excited these features are in place. I was about to switch to a different scheduling service, so I’m glad I saw this update. I’m even happier about staying a Calendly member now. Thank you for taking our feedback into account and taking action on it. Keep being awesome!

  6. Prashanna Narayanasamy says:

    Great updates, I am looking forward for square integration, the only reason why I still haven’t purchased it due to lack of square integration.

  7. tableau says:

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